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Science says up to 92% of vegans are nutrient deficient.

What’s In It?

Fully Compostable Packaging

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Earthseed's zero-waste pill bottle buried in the ground

All-In-One Formula

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Woman holding pill with 9 vegan nutrients, B12, Omega 3, D3

Only Ethical Ingredients

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Feel Energized, Focused, & Beautiful

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Earthseed Boosts Your Immune System

9 Vegan Power Nutrients Packed with Omega-3 Algal Oil

Earthseed Multivitamin Boosts Your Immune System

Macrodoses of Vegan D3, Vitamin-C & Zinc Full of Nutrients Proven to Support Immunity

Video Courses for Your Vegan Lifestyle

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Just Kicking Off Your Plant-Based Life?

Begin your new vegan life with practical tools to make the transition super easy with video courses such as Veganism 101.

Been plant-based for a while?

Learn to live with better health and feel more connected to your cause with video courses such as Vegan Health & Vegan Psychology.

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Meet Our Scientists & Experts

Discover the team of experts behind our multivitamin formula and exclusive video courses.

Dr. Jen Myers, Ph.D, DNM

"As the chief formulator for Earthseed, I crafted this all-in-one formula for vegans by leveraging the latest research in plant-based nutrition."

Casey Linke, FNP

"As a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in using plant-based nutrition as a tool for wellness and disease prevention, I’m partnering with earthseed in their mission to support vegans in leading a more empowered and healthy lifestyle day-to-day."

Brandon Bolden, LMFT

"As a plant-based therapist, I know first-hand the social & psychological struggle of going vegan.  I am so excited to partner with Earthseed as they make this journey easier."

Andrew Bosher

"I recommend Earthseed to all my vegan patients who struggle to get all the nutrients they need from diet alone."

Why Does Everyone
Love Earthseed?

Hear from our customers on why they think Earthseed Multivitamin is the best vegan nutrition on the market.

"I'm feeling so good with so little effort. Earthseed keeps me at my best with just one little vegan pill."

Rose B.

"I’m more energetic and focused than ever as a vegan. I can be productive throughout the day."

Jonah D.

"I love how Earthseed’s has a compostable pill bottle, as I'm trying to reduce my waste."

Jenna F.

As a vegan, every month you save




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